A Fresh Start in the New Year

Typically, each new year brings a sense of anticipation and a fresh start. However, it may not feel this way for those going through or contemplating a divorce. In fact, the new year may create uneasy feelings and a concern about the future. Planning and forward thinking can make the process easier, reducing anxiety, stress, or uncertainty. The following are a few tips to help couples contemplating divorce get organized and approach the beginning of the new year more positively.

Gather Financial Documents
Requesting financial information as soon as possible is important as it can take weeks or even months to obtain. Tax returns are a great source for updated information about your family’s income and assets. Get a head start on the process in the new year by beginning to pull together financial information about accounts and assets.

Plan For The Holidays
The turn of the year is the best time to begin planning for next year’s holidays. Buy a calendar and highlight which holidays and breaks you want to spend with your children. Having a clear vision of all upcoming holidays and school breaks will prepare you for more effective communication with your spouse and minimize unnecessary stress when planning trips and vacations.

Set Goals
If you are contemplating a divorce, meet with an attorney and ask questions about the divorce process and the general legal principles to be aware of. Then set goals and review these goals with your attorney. The more clear and realistic your goals, the better chance you and your attorney can achieve them.

Seek Assistance
If the divorce process or your family living situation have become too difficult to manage, reach out for help with finances, counseling, or even just to vent. The most dangerous effects of divorce can be the emotional trauma on you and your family as a result of friction and stress. Speak with friends, family, or professionals who are available to assist you. Contact your attorney who can refer you to virtually any kind of professional to guide you through tough times, whether financial, legal, or emotional.

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