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About Anita M. Ventrelli

Anita Ventrelli is a partner of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP. A graduate of DePaul University School of Law, Ms. Ventrelli has a strong background in trial and settlement of complex matters, employing her extensive experience in computer analysis and litigation support techniques.

Legal Fee Savvy

Everybody likes a good deal. At Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck, LLP, we take comfort using a team approach which makes our resources go further and adds value for the client. Oftentimes, consumers of legal services ask about hourly rates only for the lawyer they interview, but seldom ask about rates for other lawyers, law clerks […]

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants….Or Does It?

Illinois recently passed a law that eliminates lawsuits called “Heart Balm Actions” which are lawsuits people file to try to be made whole for the events that break hearts such as alienation of affections, breaches of promises to marry, and criminal conversation (lawyer speak for a claim for money based on adultery).  Beginning January 1, […]

Noteworthy Change to Income Withholding Notices for Support Obligations

The Illinois General Assembly passed Public Act 098-0081 effective July 15, 2013 to amend “The Income Withholding for Support Act.”  The sole change to the Act deletes the language that used to require all Income Withholding Notices that are sent to employers to “include the date that withholding for current support terminates, which shall be […]

Predicting the Court’s Decisions

The longer I practice and live through changes in the law, the more I see how hard it is for clients and former clients to predict how the Courts will treat issues that come up after divorce.  While some of the effects of changes in law cannot be avoided – like changes in child support […]

Hard Cases Make Bad Law: Recent Trends in College Education Decisions

I recently read an article on the differences in how Illinois appellate courts are split on whether or not a child of divorce has “standing” (legal term for the right to be in court asking for something) to enforce the college education provisions in his or her parents’ divorce decree.  What does this mean in […]

The Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Family Law: Expecting the Unexpected

When people ask why I chose family law, I tell them that it’s one of the few areas of law where one not only deals at close range with clients, but one that touches on a plethora of areas of the law.  After over 20 years in practice, it has become obvious that the multi-disciplinary […]

Is it Really Easier to Seek Forgiveness Than Permission?

A New Law Penalizes Parents Who Violate Visitation Orders On August 21, 2012, Governor Pat Quinn signed Senate Bill 3823 into law.  The law gives judges the authority to suspend driver’s licenses, impose fines and order jail time for people who deny non-custodial parent visitation rights without having good cause.  Although the court can reinstate […]

Tips For Tying the Knot: Best Wedding Gift May Be a Candid Discussion

As a couple anticipates marriage, they spend considerable time planning for the wedding day and dreaming of their future. But many fail to realize that they also need a candid discussion of how to merge their economic as well as their emotional lives. Among the best gifts the bride and groom can receive is a […]