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About Charles J. Fleck

Charles Fleck has been involved in drafting major divorce legislation, including laws governing no-fault, property division, custody and visitation. Over his career, he has litigated complex cases involving property division and business and other asset valuation issues, custody, child removal, and maintenance (alimony) and support. The Lake County Circuit Court certified Mr. Fleck as both a Mediator for the Lake County Family Law Division Mediation Program and as a Child Representative to represent the interest of children in contested custody cases.

How to Avoid Financial Distress in Divorce

In today’s economic environment, it is a very difficult decision to opt for a divorce and end a dysfunctional relationship.  Today there can be enough stress in people’s lives to make them hesitant to compound that problem by adding the stress of a divorce.  However, there is a proven and slowly growing alternative to the […]