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Deborah Carder has litigated family law cases for more than a decade. While her experience includes all facets of matrimonial law, her practice is focused on the custodial needs of wealthy individuals and the complex financial issues regarding their estates and business interests.

Why is Alienation Difficult to Identify?

In contested custody cases, some divorcing parents claim “Parental Alienation Syndrome”. It is not surprising that they are often using the term incorrectly, especially since psychologists and courts alike cannot agree on the meaning of this term.  While the syndrome was identified over twenty years ago, it is still the subject of current dispute because, […]

Imputing Income

Because of the economy over the past few years, many of my clients have changed jobs and even careers. While an employment change sometimes influences the outcome of child custody or visitation, it almost always impacts the calculation of support. One reason behind this is Illinois law on imputing income. Imputing income simply means that […]

The Unexpected Consequences of Filing a Petition to Modify Custody

In most legal matters, the Court can only award relief which is requested by one of the parties. However, in matters regarding modification of child custody, the Courts are not restricted by the parties’ requests. Instead, once the issue of custody is placed before the Court, the Court possesses broad discretion to alter custody or […]

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Many people still think of a prenuptial agreement as something that wealthy families use as a form of “marriage insurance” to protect their riches. In fact, a growing number of people, from a broad range of income levels, are seeking out prenuptial agreements to help answer questions about their assets before they get married. In […]

Do I Need to Re-Enter the Workforce After My Divorce?

Change is inevitable after a divorce. Parties find new homes, bank accounts are divided, furnishings must be allocated and time with the children shared. It is difficult for most to adjust to their new lives, but even more challenging for the at-home parent. Parents that sacrificed education or career opportunities in order to raise children […]

When a Break Becomes Legal

One way some couples cope with the uncertainty of a failing marriage is to physically separate from each other. Recently, Michael Douglas described his own separation from Catherine Zeta-Jones as “taking a break”. The expectation of a break is that distance and time will provide the perspective to determine if the marriage can be saved. […]

Two Dads and a Surrogate

The break-up of My Fair Wedding host, David Tutera, and his partner, Ryan Jurica, hit the news this week bringing to light the added difficulties couples face when determining custody of children conceived through non-traditional means. It is estimated that more than five million babies have been born using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (“ART”) since the […]

Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is challenging, but especially so for those couples raising children together. Those couples have their relationships transformed but not ended by divorce – as parents, they still need to maintain contact with each other about custody, finances, doctor’s visits, and whatever else involves their children. Becoming better co-parents takes a conscious, ongoing effort – […]

The Impact of Shared Custody on Child Support

Ever since the news reports revealed that the Illinois legislature had started reviewing the child support statute, I have been flooded with questions regarding the change.  The reports state that according to the new proposal, the statute will no longer apply a set percentage to net income based on the number of minor children.  Instead, […]

Holidays and Divorce – Tips for Enjoying the True Spirit of the Holidays

The holidays evoke universal feelings of peace, joy and hope.  Yet, for some individuals going through the difficult process of a divorce, the mere mention of the holiday season causes anxiety.   While it may seem impossible to enjoy yourself in light of your situation, rest assured it is not.  Following just a few tips during […]