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Eric Pfanenstiel’s diverse professional background and family law experience allow him to quickly identify issues and immediately provide perspective and goals for his clients. Mr. Pfanenstiel prides himself in offering his clients a practical approach to their cases with an attention to detail to tackle any complex financial or custody issues.

The Right of First Refusal: A Step Toward Less Headaches

Effective January 1, 2014, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act was amended by adding Section 602.3 titled “Care of minor children; right of first refusal.” The statute now provides guidelines and parameters for provisions in Custody Judgments dealing with a parent’s right to opt to have parenting time with children when the other […]

A Fresh Start in the New Year

Typically, each new year brings a sense of anticipation and a fresh start. However, it may not feel this way for those going through or contemplating a divorce. In fact, the new year may create uneasy feelings and a concern about the future. Planning and forward thinking can make the process easier, reducing anxiety, stress, […]