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Mr. Maksimuk has devoted his entire professional career to serving clients involved in complex family law controversies. Whether he works to resolve a case through negotiation, if possible, or contested litigation, if necessary, Mr. Maksimuk always remains focused on the client’s goals and personal circumstances.

I Am Divorced…Now What? The Top 10 Steps To Take To Safeguard Your Financial Future

Once you have gone through the divorce process and are formally divorced, there are still many steps that can and should be taken to protect yourself. The following is a list of the top ten (10) actions you should take after your divorce has been finalized: 1. The Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage is the […]

Five Tax Considerations When Divorcing

Whether you are in the process of getting divorced or are considering filing for divorce, there are a five (5) tax considerations you should be aware of as you move forward.  As we are in the midst of tax season it is the perfect time to consider these tax issues to avoid potential pitfalls. 1. […]

Medical Decisions, Immunizations and the Start of School

The month of August is known as National Immunization Awareness Month.  Children will be preparing to go back to school and although by now its likely decisions regarding which schools your children will attend have already been made, there are other decisions which still need to be made, many of which can be complicated when […]

WARNING: Facebook is Not Private, Especially in Divorce Litigation

Facebook is perhaps the largest and, at least among adults, the most frequently used social networking site.  Users willingly and regularly post information regarding friends, hobbies, locations, relationship status, likes/dislikes, interests, favorites, photos, and the like.  In many ways, a Facebook profile becomes a personal vault of information.  As a result of all the information […]

Going Through A Divorce? Plan For The Holidays Now With Your Children In Mind

Going through a divorce is difficult anytime, but especially when there are contested custody and parenting time issues. In an ideal world, most parents want their children to go through the divorce process with as little disruption to their lives as possible under the circumstances. As you navigate through the divorce process, one way to […]

The Executive Divorce – 10 Strategies for Keeping It Private

Executives, such as self-employed presidents of closely held companies, the C Suite (CEO, CFO, etc.), executive employees, officers, and directors, are charged with managing and directing other people in a company. These executives are trusted with significant responsibility including day-to-day operations and future direction of a company. As a result of this responsibility, their personal […]

How to Protect Your Business in Case of Divorce

When you own a business, you think about protecting it from theft and natural disasters, take out insurance, and make physical improvements to your place of business to make it more secure. You may not consider divorce to be on the same level as a break-in or a tornado, but divorce is actually more prevalent […]

The College Factor: Three Points Divorced Parents Need to Consider

Navigating the college selection process and funding a child’s college education can be stressful for all parents, but can be especially stressful for parents who are divorced. Fortunately, divorced or separated parents can minimize the stress associated with college preparation through proper planning, open communication, and the involvement of both parents. Understand the Financial Obligation […]