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For more than a decade, Jessica has settled and litigated family law cases at the nationally renowned law firm of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP. Although she is well-versed in all areas of family law, her practice focuses on property division, complex issues pertaining to business valuation, businesses held in trusts and other estate planning vehicles, maintenance/alimony, interstate jurisdictional issues related to child custody and support, and visitation disputes.

Domestic Violence: A Necessary Recap of the Basics

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   In spite of the help and information available to victims of domestic violence, and the increased awareness by law enforcement about what abuse looks like and how to address it, domestic violence has not disappeared.  It therefore bears repeating what many already know about this topic and some […]

It’s So Simple. How Long Can It Possibly Take and How Much Can It Possibly Cost?

There are two questions that every family law attorney is asked by most clients. The first question:  “How long will this divorce take? A ballpark estimate is fine, I know you can’t give me an exact answer”. The second question: “How much will this cost? A ballpark estimate is fine, I know you can’t give […]

The Financial Cost of Infidelity in Divorce

Earlier this month, the Ashley Madison customer list hack story unfolded like a compelling summer beach novel.  The imagined made-for-TV aftermath is equally fascinating to people sitting on the sidelines–wronged wives calling their divorce lawyers and demanding compensation and punitive property settlements for the suffering and humiliation caused by their cheating husbands! Reality, however, is […]

The High Cost of a DIY Divorce Agreement

Family law attorneys help people with their divorces and also with issues that arise after a divorce. Resolution of post-divorce issues is governed by the Marital Settlement Agreement (divorce agreement), which contains both parties’ rights and responsibilities regarding financial and child-related issues. Sometimes post-divorce issues are unavoidable. For example, changing economic circumstances require a new […]