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About Sarane C. Siewerth

Sarane Siewerth heads the firm's appeals and research department, which focuses on client matters that involve the investigation into and argument on issues of law, primarily the prosecution or defense of an appeal of a trial court ruling to the Appellate or Supreme Court of Illinois.

Confidentiality of Custody Evaluations

Cases involving the custody of children are undoubtedly the most difficult cases for family law judges.  Instead of dealing with objective numbers—calculating the value of a marital or non-marital estate by reviewing bank and brokerage account records, tax returns, applications for loans, and other objective documents, or determining the correct child support figure by ascertaining […]

What You Need to Know About Civil Unions in Illinois

On January 31, 2011, Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, thereby making Illinois the 18th U.S. jurisdiction to pass legislation establishing a legal basis for some form of same-sex family relationships.  While Illinois is the sixth state to formally recognize civil unions, twelve other states have […]

Divorce Insurance: Financial Planning Before Marriage?

Premarital agreements that control the distribution of property at the end of a marriage by death or divorce may be a sensible and equitable choice for a prospective bride or groom wanting to preserve assets from a previous marriage for the children of that union or to protect business interests established several years before the […]