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Divorce is a highly individual matter, and Tanya J. Stanish is known for recognizing the unique factors of each case and tailoring her counsel to fit the client and the situation. Ms. Stanish represents a wide variety of clients, including prominent business executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, and stay-at-home spouses.

US Supreme Court Upholds Adoption Rights

As an adoptive parent, I could not have been more pleased to read the outcome of the case of V.L. v. E.L., announced by the United States Supreme Court on March 7, 2016.  In this case, the Court upheld a woman’s adoption of three children born to her same sex partner.  The opinion, which addresses […]

Baby Veronica: Is it Possible to Mediate the Impossible?

With court battles that have now spanned several years and with a young child at the center of a debate between her biological father and her adoptive parents, last month an Oklahoma court ordered the parties into mediation to reach a resolution.  It seems an impossible resolution route to an already difficult and emotional battle. […]

Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

The beginning of the school year can be a hectic time for any parent. However, the return to school can be an especially stressful time for divorced parents who have to balance their child’s busy schedule between two households. The following are back-to-school tips to create a smoother transition. Plan ahead for the upcoming year- […]