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Brexit and the Impact on International Family Law, More Questions Than Answers

On June 22, 2016, the UK voted to exit the European Union, a development commonly known as the “Brexit.” This surprising turn of events left the global markets in decline, and the volatility has continued ever since. The question on many people’s mind is will Brexit cause a recession in the United States or globally? […]

Child Adoption or Abduction?

On Monday, a Greek couple was remanded into custody after being accused of abducting a child they call ‘Maria.’ As the search for the child’s biological parents continues, news of her story is spreading worldwide. The couple claims that they adopted the child with the permission of her biological mother. The couple admitted that their […]

Special Considerations When Marrying a Non-U.S. Resident

When an American citizen marries a non-U.S. resident, special focus must be given to the obligations upon the citizen which may arise in connection with the marriage solely due to the immigrant status of the fiancé/spouse. Federal law prohibits the admission into the United States of any alien who is likely to become a public […]

Will They or Won’t They?

As the countdown to the “Wedding of the Century” enters its final days, there has been much talk and speculation about all the details, the glamour, the pageantry and more.  Yes, I’m talking about the Royal Wedding between Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton.  For weeks, the newspapers, TV shows and the internet have […]

Recent Appellate Court Ruling Clarifies Residency Requirements for International Custody Disputes

It is not uncommon for one or both parents to move from the state or country where their divorce judgment was originally entered. But what happens when parents maintain homes in both the United States and a foreign country?  What country has jurisdiction to hear future custody disputes? Most people assume that the state that […]

Practical Tips For Divorced Parents: Traveling With Children

Traveling with children is a rewarding, although often stressful, endeavor.  In today’s highly mobile society, families are scattered across the country, and interstate and international airline travel continues to increase in frequency for the ordinary family. Over the past decade, increased security and airline industry constrictions have made the logistics of travel increasingly difficult for […]