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Top Ten Myths in Illinois Divorce Cases [Myth #4]

Myth: Refusing to pay attorney’s fees to or on behalf of my spouse is a good strategy because it will freeze him or her out and give me a leg up. In Illinois, the response is no. Illinois has a statute that allows for temporary fees to be awarded from the spouse who is financially […]

Not All Divorces Have to End Up in Court

In my almost 28 years on the bench — most of which I spent presiding over family matters in the Circuit Court of Lake County in Waukegan —  I had a front-row seat for an amazing display of human nature. I met families in crisis, parents in stress, and children in trouble. They arrived in […]

The Need For Mental Health Professionals in Divorce

Early on in my relationship with new clients who are starting the divorce process, I often  inquire whether or not they are seeing a therapist.  If the answer is no, I regularly encourage my clients  to consider meeting with a therapist.   Generally speaking, I look at this as something positive  I can do for someone […]