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Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is challenging, but especially so for those couples raising children together. Those couples have their relationships transformed but not ended by divorce – as parents, they still need to maintain contact with each other about custody, finances, doctor’s visits, and whatever else involves their children. Becoming better co-parents takes a conscious, ongoing effort – […]

The History of the Guardian Ad Litem

Years ago, courts primarily used a Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”) in adoption and paternity cases.  The significance and importance of a GAL was espoused by the Illinois Appellate Court in Pavia v. Marshall.  In 1991, Mr. Pavia filed a petition for non-paternity against Ms. Marshall regarding her daughter.  Although she was properly served, Ms. Marshall […]

Predicting the Court’s Decisions

The longer I practice and live through changes in the law, the more I see how hard it is for clients and former clients to predict how the Courts will treat issues that come up after divorce.  While some of the effects of changes in law cannot be avoided – like changes in child support […]

What Happens to Your Family’s Health Insurance Coverage After a Divorce?

It is fairly common for a medical insurance plan offered through the employment of one spouse (“employer spouse”) to cover an entire family. The other spouse (“dependent spouse”) and the children are covered by the plan as dependents.  Clients often wonder what will happen to dependent coverage after the divorce. During the divorce, the dependent […]

Purchasing a Home in Contemplation of Marriage

Today, people are marrying later and later in life.  In 1950, the average age of a groom was 23 years old while the average age of the blushing bride was 20.  Today, on average, a man marries for the first time at the age of 28 and a woman marries for the first time at […]

The Emotional Steps Involved In Divorce

One of the most stressful and emotional events that an individual can experience is a divorce. Studies indicate that parties going through a divorce experience the same emotional steps that people go through when they experience the death of a loved one.  After all, divorce is the death of a relationship.     Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described […]

Hard Cases Make Bad Law: Recent Trends in College Education Decisions

I recently read an article on the differences in how Illinois appellate courts are split on whether or not a child of divorce has “standing” (legal term for the right to be in court asking for something) to enforce the college education provisions in his or her parents’ divorce decree.  What does this mean in […]

Attorney Assisted Mediation: An Alternative to High Cost/High Conflict Divorce

As mediation continues to build momentum as a viable, and often less costly, form of dispute resolution, so has the role of your attorney in the mediation process.  Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which spouses meet with a qualified neutral professional, usually and preferably an experienced divorce attorney, to discuss their […]

The Gray Divorce Revolution

The graying of America is moving full speed ahead.  It is estimated that 10,000 people are turning 65 every day —a trend that will continue for the next 20 years. By 2030, almost one out of every five Americans—some 72 million people—will be 65 years or older. By 2050, the 65+ population is projected to […]

The Impact of Shared Custody on Child Support

Ever since the news reports revealed that the Illinois legislature had started reviewing the child support statute, I have been flooded with questions regarding the change.  The reports state that according to the new proposal, the statute will no longer apply a set percentage to net income based on the number of minor children.  Instead, […]