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The Emotional Cost of Divorce Proceedings

Adjustment Disorder, including situational depression or anxiety, is a short term condition that arises when a person is having difficulty adjusting to a major life change, event or loss. Divorce is one of the major life events that can cause Adjustment Disorder and a significant percentage of individuals going through divorce may experience either situational […]

Understanding Your Client’s Mental Health Needs

When working with a client going through the often difficult process of divorce, taking any mental health concerns into consideration is critically important, especially when the issues include custody and parenting time. Whether you represent the client who has always been the primary caretaker of the children, or the party who has not historically played […]

The Need For Mental Health Professionals in Divorce

Early on in my relationship with new clients who are starting the divorce process, I often  inquire whether or not they are seeing a therapist.  If the answer is no, I regularly encourage my clients  to consider meeting with a therapist.   Generally speaking, I look at this as something positive  I can do for someone […]